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Facebook's friend problem

I’m not a Facebook hater, I still check it several times a day. The way I interact with it with regard to personal content has changed over the years however. So I often question its longevity in its present format, and wonder what it will become. To me, one of the most fascinating things about Facebook has been how it has evolved, and so watching what it will evolve into will be witnessing a youthful, huge, dynamic business tackling issues, with no precedent or example to follow. Should continue to be interesting…


A robot to reduce online returns

Retailers like Adidas, Thomas Pink, and Hugo Boss ship clothing samples to’s studio in Tartu, Estonia, where staff put each item on a mannequin that can alter its shape—thousands of combinations of hip width, chest diameter, sleeve length, and waist size. Then they photograph it. In the end, each item is associated with a giant database of images—and yes, one likely resembles you. So when you’re shopping at, you plug in your measurements and see the item you want on your body shape.

(via Robo-Mannequin Solves Online Shopping’s Thorniest Problem | Wired Design |

I had this idea 10 years ago! Damn

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